mysticism, solipsism, obscurantism.

Selected Material

Click here to see True Enlightenment (est. 12.5 MB).

Leven, Kunst en Mystiek by L.E.J. Brouwer (English translation by W.P. van Stigt)

De tuinman en de dood by P.N. van Eyck (in Dutch)

De X Geboden by Nescio (in Dutch)

Ethica (deel 4: De menschelijke knechtschap of de macht der aandoeningen) by Spinoza (in Dutch)

Handboekje voor de Individualist by Han Ryner (in Dutch and English translation, originally French)

Distinctions Between Intellectuals And Pseudo-Intellectuals (Sydney Harris, 1981)

The New Universal Church (A. Grothendieck, 1971, pdf scan)

Books and Articles

Radical Honesty (2022)

On 4th of July 2021, I published the fictional novella The Weirdest Three Weeks Of My Life: a story about how a young man is confronted with the darker side of life.